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I’m Courtney Wims- 

graphic designer, illustrator, & photographer

For 8 years I’ve been designing creative for corporate clients and small businesses ranging from print pieces to digital designs. Anything creative or design - I’m in!

I really started my creative journey at 12 with a good ol’ mouse and MS paint. 

Then throughout High School you could find me doodlin’, designin’, or taking photos in the studio. I went on to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Photography with a minor in Graphic Design from Northern Arizona University in 2015. 


I have a customer service background - so my love of creating relationships is rooted in collaborating with teams and serving my clients. I’m always on the run to learn new things, and delight in expanding my skillset.


Outside of my creative outlets, you can find me jammin’ to music, hiking, playing frisbee golf, visiting breweries/wineries, and spending time with my family. Currently a Graphic Designer for Princess Cruises in Los Angeles, California.

and if you're still curious...



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