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I started at Pepsi as a contracted Graphic Designer/Marketing specialist in September 2016 up until November 2017. I worked in the Denver, CO print shop where we produced printed signage. Our main focus was point-of-sale collateral, with larger branded prints for gas stations, groceries stores, restaurants, and our Pepsi stadium in downtown Denver. 

Outside of creating the signage, we also were

responsible for printing all pieces and finishing them.

(Such as grommeting banners, trimming

window clings, perforating rail strips, etc.) 

Corner boards created for Pepsi and affiliated companies for limited time offer campaigns. These corner boards were featured in gas stations and grocery stores.


Poster designs for multiple brands such as Brisk, Crush, Manzanita Sol, and Mist Twst. A Mother's Day promotion.


Point of Sale/pricing collateral. Pieces range from rail strips, to case cards, statics, posters, coupons, and window clings.

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